Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Seattle Family

After the last session of conference Sunday, we loaded up the kids in the car and headed to Ben's cousin's place in south Bothell.  Uncle Bob and Aunt Ingrid and Rob and Deana were so sweet to share their dinner with us!  We are so grateful to be so close to wonderful family who are quickly becoming wonderful friends!

Julia and Leah enjoying pizza crust and the warm fire!


Roxanne said...

So many fun adventures! Time with the family is always great. Glad you are enjoying Seattle....and I think you should come cook for me! Ha ha....just kidding. But your food looks yummy and I think it is great!

Mickey said...

it was fun to be in Seattle and see where you lived, ad where you are living! You have such cute kids Holli. They were really good for ole Grandma. I miss you all.